Climate Change

So tonight I was reading an article that popped up on my Facebook news feed.  It was about a professor at the University of Michigan that wrote an article for a news paper that said she “hated the GOP”.  This didn’t really bug me because, hey, I know a lot of liberals that hate conservatives the same way a cow hates a man holding a steak knife.

What bothered me was that part of the reason she hated to see the GOP in coming into power meant that they were going to, among other reasons, deny climate change.  This phrase pisses me off a little bit because it is a loaded phrase that should be given just about ZERO attention and yet that’s all some liberals want to talk about.  Why does it bug me and why should it be given no attention?  Well I’m glad you asked.

First I should say that when it comes to “climate change” I associate it somewhat with global warming which believe it or not I think there may be something to it.  The reason for this is because there is a shrinkage of ice at the north pole while there is an increase of ice at the southern pole.  This could be a coincidence and there is a good chance that it is.  But when I look at where the majority of manufacturing comes from it is generally in the northern hemisphere.  I know that correlation doesn’t equal causation but it is at least worth noting.

The thing I hate about the phrase climate change is that is totally asinine.  It means that the climate changes……………um… s***?  It implies that because the climate changes that something is wrong.  We do observe climate change pretty frequently.  Four times a year usually.  You see this change in climate generally accompanies these things we call seasons.  Of course liberals believe that climate change is a bad thing.  But the fact of the matter that it is neither good or bad.  It is just a fact of life.

Change happens everyday.  It’s a part of life.  If you are talking about controlling climate change why don’t you simultaneously try to stop the ocean tides from moving?  I mean you would have as much success keeping the climate from changing so why not just go for it?  It is typical of humans to over estimate their ability to know things.  You can’t control the weather.  You can’t control the climate.  You can’t control the ocean tides.  Hell, you can’t even take care of the needy in your own country but you want to try to control the earth you stand on.  You want to criticize those that, frankly, see through the shallowness of your arguments.

You see, about a year or so ago there was word that the polar ice caps on MARS were melting.  Hey, let’s blame that on carbon emissions.  I remember a couple of years ago we had an incredibly mild summer with only a handful of days here where I live getting above 90 degrees.  Last winter was one of the coldest winters on record since I was a child.  Why do I bring this up?  Because the liberals used to call it “global warming”  but when global temperatures dropped they had to come up with the new name “climate change”.

Did you know that it was climate change that killed the Vikings in Greenland in the middle ages?  Perhaps it was livestock passing too much methane that did it, but there was a warming period early in the middle ages that allowed Greenland to become much more inhabitable.  The Vikings set up a colony there and thrived for several years and then the “normal” weather patterns began to re-establish themselves and it caused them to not be able to efficiently raise livestock killing many of them and ending their colonization of Greenland.

I told this little story to say that for billions of years the climate of Earth has ebbed and flowed.   Everything in the universe changes so what is it about liberals that makes them think they can change that?  Whatevs.


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