Why I love Santa and Frosty

There are certain circles of thought that believe that some of the things we associate with Christmas are pagan in nature.  I will give these people the benefit of the doubt and not assume that they have nefarious motives for these thoughts.  I can honestly say that 10 years ago I was in this camp myself and I said that I would never tell my children that Santa was real but here I am a father of 4 and my kids are all eagerly awaiting Santa’s grand arrival on Christmas eve.  What changed?

A few things have changed in my mind as I have gotten older and I would say that perhaps I miss my childhood a lot and I remember how I used to wait for Santa every year and always would fall asleep no matter how long I would stay up and would wake up in the morning to a mountain of toys underneath the tree and for a moment there was a feeling, a special feeling.  It was a feeling of coming in contact with the seemingly impossible.

I mean, you have a guy who lives in the north pole with elves making toys and had flying reindeer and he would visit every child in the world in one night.  It was something that filled me with awe and wonder.  That feeling is eternal.  It’s one of those moments where everything feels right and you are at peace.

It’s these moments that I think that I still live for in one way for another or at least I should say that if I don’t live for them I do long for them.  I long for a miracle to happen.  I need to see it.  I am so sick of this world and all of the negative things that happen.  I am sick of the meanness.  I am sick of the pain and suffering and loss.  I am sick of the evil that we’re confronted with constantly.  I need to see miracles.  Because to me a miracle is evidence that God is still there and he isn’t going to stand by and let us be ground into dust by a cold evil universe.  Maybe that’s a wrong way of looking at it but sometimes you just need God to step in and be the hero.

It is my desire for God to do great and miraculous things that makes me love Santa and Frosty.  I know these are silly stories but they’re stories that really express some of the core hopes of mankind.  The hopes that there is some magic out there.  Something that goes beyond this terrible world.  Something that sparks hope in us.  These silly characters remind me that we need something good.  Sure they don’t point directly to God.  But in a round about way they do.  They do in a way that isn’t seen with your physical eyes.  They point to God by revealing some of the things that are common to mankind.  We long for the magic.  We long for the awe.  We long for the good and for the grace.  It’s the grace that we see in the character of Santa.  We want to give to those who don’t have.  We want to reward people for being good.  We want something supernatural.  And this is why I love Santa and Frosty and all of the other silly Christmas characters we have made up over the years.


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