Things I’ve Learned in the last 32 years.

I know I’m not really that old.  I mean I guess to my children I’m an old guy, but in the grand scheme of things I’m still relatively young.  I can’t change the fact however that I have a few years on this body and as a result I have learned a few things.  It is this information that I want to share.

  1. Blood is thicker than water. Syrup is thicker than blood.  Don’t ever let anything come between you and your syrup.
  2. People are nuts. You can try to understand them but dedicating too much of your time to it is going be pretty exhausting.
  3. Don’t buy cheap toilet paper. Just……….don‘t do it.
  4. Don’t play roulette at any casino. You’re not supposed to win.  Same with the lottery.
  5. Fresh fruit is good.
  6. If you have an attention deficit disorder it’s hard to concentrate so
  7. Cook your chilli on a low heat setting and don’t forget to stir it occasionally.
  8. No cartoons beat the original Looney Tunes. Many have tried.  Many have never been seen or heard from since.
  9. Never trust a hair stylist with shaky hands.
  10. It’s all about the follow through. (Doesn’t matter what you’re talking about)
  11. It’s hard to learn a foreign language if you’re not using it frequently.
  12. Make heartwarming memories because sometimes they can be all you’ll end up with.
  13. Ohio State Buckeyes are awesome.
  14. Learn to forgive yourself. Just don’t do it too quickly.
  15. Have patience and be mentally strong. It’s easier said than done.
  16. Make a decision and live with it. (see previous two thoughts)
  17. Be crafty. Real crafty.
  18. Be passionate about something as long as it’s not repulsive or illegal.
  19. Always learn something about something. JUST DO IT!
  20. Laugh.

These are just a few of the total of 24 things I’ve ever learned.  I hope they help you out more than they’ve helped me.


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