Ken Ham The Bible Man

Normally I like to start out a blog with a disclaimer or a concession when I know that it is a sensitive topic and I am trying not to create any hard feelings with friends of mine that may be reading.  This is going to be a little different because frankly, sometimes it’s just better to be honest and straight forward.  I would rather people hated me for being honest rather than like me or heave praise on me if I am being disingenuous.  Also, quite frankly, I shouldn’t have to defend how I feel about God or Jesus to Christians.

Tonight I watched a debate between Ken Ham and Hugh Ross on Youtube debating the concept of the young earth vs. old earth.  There were a lot of points being hurled back and forth between these two gentlemen and a lot of it had to do with the definitions of Hebrew words and Greek words.  Rather than rehash their arguments I would like to address the most common theme that Ken Ham kept bringing up in his defense of the “young earth” interpretation of the bible.

Mr. Ham throughout the debate was saying that if you didn’t believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis that you couldn’t believe any of the bible.  This honestly is very disturbing to me.  It’s not just Mr. Ham that believes this.  This is a widely held belief by many in the Christian community.  It is a position that nobody should make.

First off, doubting the accuracy of the account of Genesis is not a salvation issue.  If you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and you confess it with your mouth and believe it in your heart you are saved.  It shouldn’t matter if you have doubts or question words on a page.  Scolding people or belittling them because they do have doubts or questions is the same type of tactic used by the “church” in the middle ages to control people which ultimately lead to a dumbing down of the people.

If you aren’t allowed to question the accuracy or the legitimacy of the bible then you can’t ask questions like “How did Moses write about his own death” if he had supposedly written the first five books of the bible.  We can make up scenarios that can account for this kind of discrepancy but the fact of the matter is that questions like these are legitimate.  What about the different accounts of resurrection of Jesus?  There are so many things that are mutually exclusive such as the number of women at the tomb.  Every gospel gives a different number.  What time of day they visited the tomb.  Three different accounts of that are available.  I could go on because there are more discrepancies.  Each one of these discrepancies could be correct but not two of them could be correct at the same time.

All over the bible you see accounts of the same events with different numbers and recollections of how things happened.  Does this mean that the bible is untrustworthy?  No I think that it is trustworthy.  But when you start to perform your own figurative crucifixion of a person because they recognize that some things don’t seem to add up then you are in the wrong.  If I am doubting the bible I am not doubting God.  I am not doubting Jesus, his sacrifice, or our fallen nature or our need for salvation.  I am not a mindless puppet that follows something because someone else told me to do it.  I love God because the Holy Spirit convicted me of sin and showed me how much he loves me.  Not because of the words in some book.  It actually kind of annoys me when people call the bible the word of God because the word of God is perfect and it’s spiritual.  That book that people keep next to their bed is flawed and has many errors.  If you call that God’s word then I believe that is incredibly insulting to God.

A man like Ken Ham can’t admit that there may be a possibility that some things in the bible are not true.  Two different accounts of details of the same event cannot be true at the same time.  One can, or the other can or they can even both be false.  They just can’t be true at the same time and if they can’t be true at the same time then guess what…….one of them is not true.  And if you are not secure enough in your relationship with God to admit it I would say that you have created an idol out of the bible.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t need your bible to move.  Could God accomplish everything he wants to accomplish if every bible in the world were destroyed?  If you had to stop and think about it then you may want to re-evaluate just how big you think God is.

The bible is not my God.  God is my God.  The bible isn’t the word of God.  Jesus is the word of God.  The Holy Spirit testifies of what is true.  I don’t need corroboration from words in a book.  Do I think the bible is good?  Of course I think the bible is good.  It’s good for instruction from others who walked with God before us.  I just don’t think God ever intended for us to take a book and put it between himself and us.  We act as though the bible were an intermediary.  We take the bible and we cut it up and dissect it in so many ways to try to find truth that you could find if you actually just spent time in deep prayer and worship.  Again, if you doubt that God can’t convey truth and revelation to you in deep prayer and worship I think you are sadly mistaken.

If you watch the video of the debate Mr. Ham keeps saying that the reason why we lose so much of the youth to the world is because we don’t hold a literal interpretation of the bible.  It sounds to me as if he is only interested in control even if it comes at the cost being delusional.


2 thoughts on “Ken Ham The Bible Man

  1. josiahjjr

    Interesting post! I don’t agree with all of your individual stances, but I agree with your criticisms of Ken Ham and how he alienates people that disagree with him.
    I like to think of theology & beliefs like a bullseye, with the Christ as God’s son, and salvation through Christ’s resurrection in the middle. I’d consider creation in the second ring. It’s an important thing that should be solidified, but it doesn’t affect salvation.

    Awesome post, I’ll be on the lookout for more. You can consider me a regular!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. msams8 Post author

      Thanks. I probably should have given myself a little more time to shake off being agitated after watching the debate but I wanted to give my input while it was still fresh in my mind.

      I agree with your bullseye analogy. I am not sure what you mean about solidifying creation. Are you saying that it’s important that we have an answer for how it was created? I am glad that you can not agree with everything I am saying and still enjoying the blog. Glad to have you as a regular.



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