Purpose and Intellectual Honesty

Is there such a thing as purpose?  What I mean is there a “reason” for everything?  I saw a meme on Facebook (I get a lot of inspiration to write from my friend’s memes) this morning that made me start thinking about whether or not there is such a thing as purpose.  Is there a real reason why things in the universe seem to operate the way they do?  Can we truly say that things are supposed to operate a certain way.  The meme was about being gay and equating it to some people being left handed.  Which seemed maybe kind of plausible to me so I had to take a minute to consider some of the implications of the statement.

The first thing I thought about was whether or not there was a physical reason that a person would be right handed over being left handed.  Admittedly I had no real idea.  I wanted to say there was a physical reason but I couldn’t be sure.  After doing just a smidgen of research I found that scientists say that it is a bit of a mystery but they assume that it is genetic because left handedness has been studied to pass from generation to generation.  Homosexuality on the other hand doesn’t have the same success rate at passing any traits (you may laugh, I did).  After several years of research no scientist has been able to isolate a “gay gene”.  But, like being left handed being gay is awkward to watch.  Haha, I jest.  It is a pretty big mystery.

This made me start thinking about attraction.  What is it that makes a person attracted to the same sex.  I am of the belief that the purpose of sexual intercourse is to take DNA from one person and the DNA from another person to create a new person.  I have my own beliefs about why the situation exists this way but I want to put those on the back burner for a bit.  But what I am trying to say is that it seems to me that there is a definite purpose for having the “plumbing” we have.  They go hand in hand like a lock and key.  Even still I have the suspicion that attraction is not a physical thing.

I have always said that babies are not born gay.  But now I’m wondering if babies are also not born straight.  I don’t say this to ruffle feathers because if they are born straight due to the lock and key nature of their reproductive parts it would make sense to me.  But after having considered that children don’t have sexual desires it would seem to me that children are essentially asexual beings.  Like the angels.

There is a distinct difference between the physical feelings of arousal and attraction.  This is something that I really haven’t heard anyone discuss.  But I believe that there are two steps in the process of attraction.  They go hand in hand and the second can only occur after the first one.  We have the mental aspect of attraction.  Forget whether it’s a man or woman for a moment.  There is a certain type of person that you are more naturally attracted to.  My wife pretty much fits the mold of the type of person that I am attracted to.  She is soft spoken, light hearted, considerate.  She is petite and is kind of dorky.  Hey, that’s just my thing okay.  But why am I attracted to this sort of person.  I think a lot of it has to do with my upbringing.  I don’t want to get into it too much but I will just say that my childhood helped mold my personality in such a way that when I got older that I wanted this type of woman to be with.  Not to mention that having a mother and father that loved each other and loved my brothers and sisters and myself helped mold my desires.  But I said all of this to say that unless you have a mental framework telling you what is nice what is not nice you can’t have the physical manifestation of attraction.  I think that the physical release of euphoric chemicals that cause attraction are not possible without a mental framework of what is pleasing.  There is a clear and defined difference between a thought and the physical nature of the body.  This is called metaphysical dualism.  This is just a fancy phrase that means that they are distinctly different.  One is physical and the other is spiritual.

To me it’s not simple enough to say that it’s a choice to be gay.  I don’t think that they’re born gay.  I just don’t think that it’s a conscious decision to find one person or another attractive.  Is it wrong to have those feelings?  Let me answer a question with a question.  Is it wrong to feel like you want to knock someone out?  Is it wrong to feel like getting back at people for things you think they did wrong?  Were you born that way?  According to my religious beliefs I know that we are born with the propensity to do bad things.  But the way we develop and what we turn into has a large amount to do with how our mind is molded during early years.  Not to mention other factors which are religious that contribute to how people act.  I would talk about them but I want to stick to the original theme of this blog which is do things happen on purpose?

I am now going to get back to some of my beliefs which I alluded to earlier.  To me when you are talking about purpose in regard to attraction and sexuality you have to ask yourself is there a natural result from the process.  When we talk about sex, the end result the production of a child.  Because if you can forget about the feelings from the release of chemicals that occurs during sex the primary thing happening is an expulsion of DNA and a reception of DNA and these two different sets of genetic materials are exactly what the other one needs in order to produce a copy of the two contributing individuals.  To say that there is no purpose to these activities is borderline idiotic if not completely stupid all together.  Sorry, I know that might be a little offensive.  But to deny that is just…..well there wouldn’t be any point of us having a conversation in the future because I can see that you are willfully ignorant (which is worse than just accidentally being ignorant).

I believe that having children is essential to deal with a universe that through it’s own laws wants to obliterate us from existence.  To me there is a purpose behind sexual activity and that is children.  When you have something that goes against purpose we called that thing dysfunctional.  So to me homosexuality is dysfunctional.  When something doesn’t operate in its intended way we call it what it is.  I’m not going to get into the moral implications of this in this blog.  I’m just saying lets be honest.  Don’t make up excuses and call something true or good because you want it to be true or good.  If it is dysfunctional, and if it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to don’t blow smoke and tell me the opposite.  As my dad used to say when I was a kid “Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining”.


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