We Come in Peace, You!!!!!

If there is one thing that really annoys me when I’m surfing the world wide interwebbery it’s cheerleaders.  Not cheerleaders like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but rather cheerleaders of political groups.  Now I admit that I have done my fair share of railing against those that i don’t agree with and I generally used to blindly support a certain political party.  But as I have gotten older I have begun to detest blind loyalty to a political faction.

The problem with this type of cheer leading is really similar to the type of cheer leading you see in the sporting world.  I have seen some of the most delusional support occur in the sports.  The first example that comes into my mind is the situation with the Penn State football program.  If you don’t know the story I will give you the quick run down.  A former coaching assistant was raping young boys at the athletic facility.  A graduate assistant saw it happen.  He informed the head coach of what he saw.  The coach then went to president of the university and I believe the athletic director and they decided not to report the incident to the police.  As a result several boys were raped at the Penn State athletic facilities for years.

When the news of this came out, the NCAA came down hard on Penn State and made them pay huge fines and limited their football scholarships and put them on a multi-year bowl ban.  They also vacated Joe Paterno’s (the head coach” wins for the years that this occured. This year after a 2 or 3 year ban from the post season the NCAA removed the bowl ban, lifted the scholarship restrictions and then reinstated  They also “unvacated” Joe Paterno’s wins.  After this happen many Penn State fans were over joyed.  I saw many of the message boards saying that people who wanted to uphold the Penn State decision were heartless and that they wanted to harm the community of Happy Valley.  They were completely overjoyed, and lost in all of this were the crushed lives of little boys who were now grown men who have been ripped apart emotionally.  Men who may never feel safe or secure again.  Men who may feel lacking and dirty for the rest of their lives.  But we’re heartless because we want to send a message that tolerating child molestation and rape is one of heinousness crimes that can ever be committed and it will come with incredibly stiff punishment.  These people could cheer a decision like this because they were cheerleaders.

A large portion of the Penn State faithful felt the relief and joy of being able to compete again because they put their identity into Penn State football.  If there is one thing I have learned recently it is that people are incredibly forgiving of themselves.  It doesn’t matter to them that they chose the disgrace of football glory over the safety of children and pedophilia.  They were willing to look the other way because the heart wants what the heart wants.

People who engage in political cheer leading are the same way to an extent.  I could demonstrate all of the ways that “their guy” (the political candidate they support) has hurt, abused, lied, cheated etc.  and they wouldn’t bat an eye.  They would look at their political candidate’s foe and say “well yeah, but look at what so and so did).  This is one of the most idiotic arguments.  It is one that my children try to use on a daily basis.  They get in trouble for doing something wrong and they want to point a finger at their sibling and say “Well if you thought that was bad you should have seen what he did”  in order to save their own skin.  Grow up.  Stop being delusional.

The worst part is that after you have demonstrated all of these things they will continue to post these memes and pictures throwing their unwavering support behind “their guy”  or their party.  Talking to these people is incredibly frustrating sometimes because I am trying to show them that I am not biased just because the guy has an “r” or a “d” or any other political initial beside their name.  I feel like Chris Farley and Matthew Perry in the movie Almost Heroes where they are talking to the Native American that keeps slapping them in the face no matter what they say.

I just wish that you could get through to people and give them the epiphany that maybe being a free thinker is better than going with the herd.  Maybe taking the time to do your own critical thinking and coming up with solutions is better than being spoon fed ideas.  Political parties create talking points and it doesn’t matter if the information they use to create them is accurate.  It doesn’t matter if the science is bad.  It doesn’t matter if it’s propaganda.  They do it because they are trying to push their own agenda.  If you are a cheerleader.  Please for the love of God stop.


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