Liberals Are More Intelligent Than Conservatives

I wrote an article a little while back on one of my websites that I haven’t really shared with anyone.  I never posted it to my Facebook page or anything.  The substance of the article is my take on why liberal democrats tend to be, in my opinion, more intelligent on the whole than conservative republicans.  This article, like a lot of my other writings, is supposed to be thought provoking and irritating.

I like to irritate people.  It is something that I learned as a child from my father and I’ve become quite good at it.  Unlike some people such as internet trolls that try to use irritation as a form of pleasure, I use irritation as a form of therapy.  Not therapy for myself, but for others.

I have worked with race horses since I was a child and for the past 8 or so years I have had a license to train and drive race horses here in Ohio.  One thing that I have learned while working with horses is that sometimes when a horse has an injury the best way to speed up the healing process is by applying medicines that work as an irritant.  The reason why this works to heal the horse is because when the medicine gets into the soft tissue it causes causes the body to bring blood to the injured area and speeds up he healing process.  I feel like I am trying to do the same thing with people.  I am not trying to make people furious, but I think if I can irritate them a little and at the same time demonstrate that I respect them, I can do the most good.

Anyway, here is the link to the article and I hope that you enjoy! Don’t forget to like and follow!  Thanks for viewing!


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