Does God Exist?

As I have gotten older I have felt myself withdrawing from confrontational situations on most things.  I think it’s just because I am probably becoming a little wiser and picking my battles and using intuition to know when the reward is worth the effort.  I say this because recently I have had some people asking me about my opinion on whether God exists and as per the usual, when people don’t believe in God it can be a very “catty” conversation.  I usually end those conversation with very terse responses because I don’t really care about justifying my belief in God to those are are not actually interested in being persuaded into believe that he exists.  Blogging to me however isn’t as confrontational and I get to say whatever I want without having to wait for the other person’s response.  So here is my rationale on why God is real.

One person when I told them that I would write this blog said that they hoped this would not be a rehash of special pleading.  That’s fine.  Special pleading is a claim made to give an exception to one thing but not apply that exception equally to all things.  Or in this case maybe this person meant that I would be trying to interpret data in one way but not equally apply that interpretation to all things.  Regardless, I will try not to make a statement without having an actual reason for saying it.  Sometimes I think people confuse special pleading with reason or rationale.  What I mean is that there is a difference between saying that something is “common sense” and saying that something is logical.  If I say something is common sense I am saying that it is a belief largely held by most people which would be a logical fallacy.  But if I show you one thing actually lending itself to another and these things behave in a certain way and you can actually quantify these things then it’s called a “logical step”  or “reason”.  I know that this is boring but it is a necessary preface to my explanation about God’s existence.

I know a lot of people that will say that if you want to believe in God, just look all around you.  I would probably agree with those people but not for the same reason that they make the claim.  Just because you are in awe of the complexity of something doesn’t make it true.  This might be another example of special pleading.  But the reason why I would agree with the person that says that if you want to believe in God just look around is because I am a pretty analytic person.  When I look at something I just don’t see the object itself.  I think about that thing’s critical parts and processes.  I see that there is incredible complexity to life and there is incredible complexity to non-living matter as well.  I’ll give an example; The attractive forces between particles that have the same size and mass that when separated will move toward each other.  To some people this isn’t impressive because they are blind to what’s happening but there is an algorithm that tells these particles how to behave.  So when I look around and I see how things operate and I begin to examine them I am incredibly impressed by what I see.  But there is a reason why I attribute this to God and this is the logical step part that I was alluding to previously.

In our universe we have laws and patterns, for example we have in the laws of thermodynamics a law that says that the universe has a propensity to take matter that’s organized and bring it into chaos.  If we had a shoe box with one hundred particles and we shook the box of particles up and we had 75 particles on one side and 25 on the other the particles will move themselves so that there is a more equal distribution of particles so that it’s closer to 50/50 rather than the 75/25 we originally saw.  This isn’t an opinion, this is science.  We have a universe that moves from organization to chaos.  We don’t witness things coming out of chaos of their own volition.  It just doesn’t work like this.  Again, this isn’t an opinion.  This is a scientific observation which has been studied by scientists over and over again.  Anyone can observe these things.  When you look at any higher ordered thing it comes other sources of higher ordered information.  The best example that I can think of would be a human being.  What are people essentially?  I am not talking about the mental or spiritual aspect of people.  I am talking about what you’re made of.  At conception you are comprised of carbon and other elements.  The body takes inorganic substances and puts them together to make something organic.  All of this would not be possible if it hadn’t been for the parents contributing DNA.  This small detail is what demonstrates my point.  DNA  is a list of commands on how these elements and inorganic materials will be distributed.  Why?  Because in this universe things do not organize if there is not a command or algorithm telling them to.  It doesn’t matter what it is.

It doesn’t matter if it is an algorithm telling two particles to draw together or a law that says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  As a buddy of mine would say “dudn’t matter”.  There is always a pre-programmed command telling things how they will behave.  That’s why you can run around outside and not have to  worry about suddenly flying off of the earth and into the vacuum of space.  There is a command that says that when two objects are in space the objects will create indentations in the space they are inhabiting.  The one that creates the bigger indentation will attract the other object to itself.  You get satellites and orbits when one object has enough energy propelling it in another direction.  So if the earth were moving through space, the laws of motion says that it has a certain amount of energy sending it in a certain direction and it gets within the space that the sun has warped the total amount of energy that the sun exerts in the form of gravity is offset by the total amount of energy that the earth and its momentum has offsets and there is a certain point that it will get as close to the sun as it’s going to.  All of this pre-programmed into telling objects how they will interact with each other.  That’s why we can use mathematical models telling us how objects will move and react far out in space without ever actually witnessing what is going on up close with them.  This is because we have laws that tell us that these things behave in this way in such and such circumstances.  This isn’t special pleading, this is called science and logic.  Nothing can occur in our universe without having an algorithm or “command” telling it to.  Organized information doesn’t come from chaos but rather other information.

The next thing I want to say is that “nothing” is something that doesn’t exist.  Laws and information cannot come from nothing because “nothing” is something that doesn’t exist.  It baffles me that you can tell this to someone and they don’t get it because honestly it is one of the easiest things to understand.  “Nothing” doesn’t exist.  Someone will ask “isn’t it possible that physical matter is eternal”  My answer to that is yes.  Physical matter is eternal and ADHERES TO THE LAWS OF PHYSICS.  Einstein’s famous equation concerning the general laws of relatively tell us e=mc².  This means that everything is related at the speed of light squared.  Einstein theorized that the closer you get to the speed of light that everything turns to pure energy.  This means that everything is essentially energy and the LAWS OF CONSERVATION say that energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed.  This essentially means that physical matter is eternal.  The assumption that separates an atheist and myself is that they believe that this energy that adheres to the laws of physics came from NOTHING which if you haven’t been paying attention DOESN’T EXIST.  According to the laws of the universe and my logical interpretation of them this energy doesn’t exist on its own.  It comes from other, or more abundant sources of energy.

I haven’t even gotten into dark energy, dark matter or things like the double slit experiment or quantum entanglement.  

This is enough evidence in my mind to suggest that a conscious act of will created our universe.  If you can’t acknowledge the substance of what I’ve said then you’re denying the very observable science that we use to operate and that’s fine but don’t pretend as though because I believe in God that I’m the one that’s living in a fantasy land.


4 thoughts on “Does God Exist?

      1. clubschadenfreude

        I think you might misunderstand me. My question is based on the idea that matter and energy or physical laws did not “come” from anywhere. I think it is quite possible that they have always been around. No origin, no how and where, just there.

        You claim this about your god, do you not?


  1. Appalachian Philosopher Post author

    Certainly, and like I said this is where you and I differ. You would say that it always just existed in a singularity and that would be just as much of an assumption as saying that there was some other place that the energy that created our universe came from. What I am trying to say is that I believe in a creator because after running down how things operate and seeing how they function it makes sense to me to say that there is a thinking substance that is responsible for the information. You believe that the laws and algorithms that govern the universe just happen to have existed like a computer that has algorithms running programs would just happen to exist on my desk. You can believe that and you are entitled to believe that. I just have a hard time accepting that sets of organized information, that are clearly organized, have no organizer.



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