Discrimination So Good Me Love It Long Time

A week or so ago I was perusing through the articles on Yahoo! News homepage as I often do, when I came across an article about a woman who was a florist by trade.  She was being sued by the state Attorney General for refusing to serve a gay couple who wanted to purchase her company’s floral arrangements for their wedding.  After some letters back and forth the AG’s office made a deal that said if she paid a $2,000 fine and agreed to service gay weddings from there on out she could continue her business.  She declined on moral grounds and has chosen to fight this little battle in court.

I began thinking about this story and it kind of irked me a little.  I wasn’t irked at the florist who didn’t want to perform the services.  I was irked at the gay couple and the Attorney General’s office.  Now I know what you’re thinking, How can he be angry at these poor victims of discrimination?  Well, I’m really glad you’ve asked.  But let me first answer your question with a question.  Why is it that you think I am going to jump and tremble in shock when you use the word “discrimination”?  I don’t think discrimination is such a bad thing.  I actually think discrimination can be a very good thing.

We discriminate all the time.  We do it when we are choosing our favorite foods, places to hang out, books to read, churches to attend, movies to watch, people to be friends with, etc. etc.  We discriminate between what we believe is good, bad, right, wrong.  Why is it that saying you don’t want to provide a service to someone is suddenly bad?  Oh, I know what you might say.  When she wouldn’t provide this service to them she embarrassed them, hurt them in some way and she deserved to be punished for not being willing to do business with them.  I would like to point out however that this woman has imposed her own punishment for not serving this couple.  Why would the government and this couple be trying to get her punished twice?  Is this kind of like trying someone for the same crime twice?  Just follow me for a second.

I’m assuming that there are a lot more than 1 gay couple in that state.  I know that around here where I live floral arrangements for weddings often times run up into the thousands of dollars.  When this florist declined to do the wedding she imposed her own fine that actually has a dollar amount.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!  We’re out for blood here!  But seriously, she has declined to do these services for gay couples which means that she has in essence self imposed a fine that could amount to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars (through lost business with other gay couples).  What in the world are you doing trying to come in and punish her again?

And let’s be a little honest with ourselves, this isn’t Jim Crow southern oppression we’re talking about.  This isn’t about having gays drink out of the gay drinking fountains.  This isn’t about having gays ride on the back of the bus.  This isn’t about having gay and straight restrooms.  This is about a woman that has a religious conscientious objection to gay marriage.  This attitude reflects something that I have said about a lot of people for awhile.  I don’t owe you anything.  You think you have a right to my talents and my skills but you don’t.  I don’t owe you anything.  You don’t own me.  I don’t belong to you.  If I don’t want to perform for you I don’t have to.  So get that crap out of your head.  I don’t own you and you don’t owe me anything.  This is the way I look at it.

Also, how many other florists are willing to take their money in exchange for providing their services?  I’m sure a bunch.  I’m not saying that I agree with the florist here.  I’m just saying that I do not agree with the gay couple or the government.  Honestly, I think she should have done the floral arrangement.  To me it would be akin to denying someone service at a restaurant because they were too chubby and you didn’t want to aid and abet their sin of gluttony.  Kind of stupid to me, but hey I’m still a believer in freedom.  So if she wants to self impose a fine of money lost through not doing business then I say go for it.  Just get over it gays.  And government, please keep your big *** nose out of it, tnx.


4 thoughts on “Discrimination So Good Me Love It Long Time

  1. Matt Leatherwood

    It’s really about making examples. Being in Columbus for awhile, I don’t think there’s anyone here that would consider me homophobic in the slightest (don’t read too much into that), but there’s a big difference between having the freedom of association and contract with whomever one pleases and forcing others to accommodate it in the private sphere. It’s an endemic problem that people seem to have: the inability to consider that businesses aren’t public servants. I am certainly for lifting laws banning gay marriage. But I don’t think everyone should have to celebrate or affirm it, necessarily. As you said, the lost business and tarnished reputation are the risks the business person takes. That being said, I think the business/service is unique in the respect that it is a niche service. I would say that a Wal-Mart or a Wendy’s should not be able to say a gay person cannot come and buy their goods for the same reason they shouldn’t be able to do that to racial minorities. But this situation poses in a direct conflict of interest that makes it touchy. I wouldn’t say a black owner of a banner/sign printing company should be forced to make Confederate flags for “South Will Rise Again” rally if he a conscientious objection to that. I don’t know. It’s a tough situation. Suffice to say that when government gets involved, things get more complicated, and justice usually does not prevail over special interest.

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    1. Appalachian Philosopher Post author

      All I know is that when I think about the gay couple getting angry I just picture one, as they’re leaving, poking his head back in the door and saying in a Foghorn Leghorn voice “I say, I say, you have impugned my honor boy!”


  2. Appalachian Philosopher Post author

    But seriously, these things have a way of working themselves out; even a place like Wal-mart or Wendy’s. They would suffer from the same social pressures as anyone else. I mean look at what social pressure did for raising the minimum wage for cashiers at Wal-mart?


  3. Matt Leatherwood

    Haha Don’t get me started on the minimum wage. Never before have I felt like reasoning with an ox than when I’m trying to explain why even if it doesn’t do catastrophic damage in small increments, it is wildly ineffective. After wasting the effort, I usually get a “Yea, but… we gotta do SOMETHING.” ha



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