A Woman’s Right

It’s amazing to me that some people put the lives and safety of criminals above the lives and safety of their victims.  To me it’s stupid.  I mean it is so blatantly stupid to me that nobody should ever have to justify the life and safety of the victim over the life and safety of the criminal trying to harm them.  But apparently that’s what I am going to have to do tonight since some people with big hearts need to hear some wisdom.  I would call them well-meaning but frankly they are helping one awful group at the expense of another, better group.

Today i witnessed a conversation on Facebook.  It involved someone I know and one of their friends or at least someone on their friends list.  I don’t know the guy, never heard of him.  But the person that I do know is a woman and she was feeling unsafe because of some men sexually harassing her.  A lot of women feel this way and it is important to understand that it is a rational fear.  If a man were to get her alone and force himself on her there is a good chance that she is going to be a victim because frankly women are not as physically strong as men in most cases.  So this is a very serious issue and needs to be treated like it is.  It is important to protect the dignity of a woman.

During this conversation a couple of people chimed in that she should get a concealed and carry permit.  They said if she had a weapon she could defend herself and if nothing else she could keep in such a way that anyone with nefarious intent might be swayed to leave her alone.  It was at this time that a BIG HEARTED man told her that for her to carry a weapon was to be living in fear and that she shouldn’t carry a lethal weapon to feel safe.  If she wanted to protect herself that she just needed to carry some pepper spray.  And while I agree that she might be safe carrying pepper spray I felt like the following was being insinuated; Don’t carry a gun.  Because if you carry a gun you might kill the man trying to rape and destroy your life and he doesn’t deserve that. 

To me it’s an insane assertion.  Sure the pepper spray might work but what if you don’t get enough of it in their eyes.  What if she can’t get it out of her purse fast enough?  What if, what if, what if?  The point is that even though it might probably keep you from getting raped, a bullet hitting anywhere in the body is a deal breaker.  Period.  You have my 100% satisfaction guarantee that if you hit a rapist anywhere on the body with a bullet he is going to suddenly not longer be in the mood to rape.  Heck, the sound of the gun going off is going to change his tune in a heart beat.

But what you’re doing is in effect telling a woman that it’s better for her to get raped than it is to kill her attacker.  Like I said, pepper spray will most likely work but if it doesn’t work she is going to be mentally, physically, emotionally, perhaps financially, ruined by this extreme act of violence toward her.  All because some big hearted ********* liberal wants to protect the man that commits the act.  I will never understand the logic.  To me it’s like the people that fight for the preservation of condor (birds) eggs one day and then the next day promote abortion.  They say that the bird is endangered so it has value where as there are a lot of people running around.  Hello?  Are you there?  Is there anybody home?

My opinion is that if a woman wants to arm herself so that in the event that someone tries to rape her, that’s fine.  She can pull out her gun and send him to have a conversation with God about it.  Because honestly, shouldn’t that be the risk involved with trying to rape a woman?  Sure you can try to do it but guess what, there is a good chance you could be talking to your maker by the end of the evening.  Why is it that people who think like this liberal guy want the woman to bare the risk?  Why is it the victim is responsible for the criminal?  I know why.  Because sometimes with people the lights are on upstairs, but there’s nobody home.

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