Key to Christian Genius

Christians have the potential to be geniuses if they really wanted to.  That’s not to say that non-Christians can’t be geniuses as well because clearly there are a lot of non-Christians that are pretty smart.  But a person that has a relationship with God has a secret and very tangible weapon that would allow them to push themselves to near genius status.  That weapon is their prayer and worship life.

Before I get into all of these details i think it’s important to say that you don’t have to be a genius to be a successful or dynamic person.  There is a commonly held adage that says people only use 10% of their brain.  While that may or may not be true the fact of the matter is that you can do a tremendous amount with what you’ve already got but it’s just a matter of desire that determines what you can accomplish.

The difference between a genius and a person such as much myself is that although I am just as capable of understanding the math and the concepts that they understand, it takes me much longer to process the information and it requires more effort.  But this can largely be changed by your prayer and worship life and mostly, to be honest, your worship life.

I took two years of algebra in high school.  I am not sure that I passed either one of them.  I couldn’t get it.  I watched the teacher get up to the chalk board and write out equations but I just couldn’t comprehend why you had to perform each step in order.  This caused my brain to have a train wreck right after lunch (because algebra class was right after lunch).

It was a few years later that I got saved and had a tremendous physical and spiritual encounter with God.  One day I was going through some boxes of books and I happened upon an introductory algebra book and suddenly it was as if someone had flipped a light on and I just “got it”.  I started to understand why you performed each step the way that you were supposed to.  It wasn’t until recently, 12 years later, that I believe I understand why I suddenly got it.

A human being can make their brain and mental capacity stronger by performing exercises.  Albert Einstein once talked about how he would perform daily thought exercises, much in the same way a person might go for a jog.  But Einstein’s thought exercises were doing things like sitting down and trying to picture what it would be like to travel parallel to a beam of light.  The point is that you can actually increase your mental prowess by exercising your brain.

I am getting to that secret weapon but it’s important to demonstrate why it works the way it does first.

The brain doesn’t just recall a memory like a book at a library but more like how we Google something on the internet.  The information that we are looking for is not contained in one place.  Much like Google there are various servers and sites all over the net that they present results from.  When we access memories and other information in our brain it requires different parts of the brain working together to produce a single memory.  What does this have to do with worship?  Well I’m glad I asked.

There was a study done on the brains of test subjects while they prayed and worshiped.  They also had atheists and agnostics brains scanned while they were contemplating God.  In the study, Christians who worshiped God had the frontal lobes of their brains light up.  This is the communication and language oriented part of the brain.  The atheists and agnostics did not have the same activity in their frontal lobe.

The reason why this is significant is because while you’re worshiping God your brain is forced to use new paths to direct information.  Because your brain is already dedicating activity to God, when you start reciting scripture or other bits of information your mind finds new, unused channels to send the information.  This is what allows the brain to process information quicker.  Think of it as upgrading your internet connection from dial-up (does that even exist anymore?) to a high speed fios connection.

The key is to meditate and think about things as your worshiping.  For awhile I thought something was wrong with me because during worship time at church when the Spirit would really start moving I would feel the most compelled to open up my bible and start reading which probably looks sacrilegious to some people.  But as I was doing this, as I was connected to God in the frontal lobe of my brain, God was upgrading my abilities.  He was making me stronger.

After worshiping I found that I was absorbing information on various subjects like a sponge.  Science, philosophy, various arts, it didn’t matter.  I was able to quickly keep and retain the information I was learning about and apply it to everyday life and come up with solutions to problems that in the past I would have had no answer for.

Any Christian who is not taking advantage of this is doing themselves a great disservice.  You have the ability to really come into your own and be a dynamic person.  God has made these tools available to you.  It’s up to you whether or not you want to use them.


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