Tale as Old as Time

I have gotten really good at forgetting about things.  What I mean is forgetting about things that are troublesome to me.  When I hear on the news of some law that the government is trying to pass that disturbs me I just turn the news off and try to forget about it.  Because sometimes it feels like there’s nothing I can do about it anyway and so what’s the point of working myself up into an angry fit over something that I probably won’t have much of an influence on anyway.

This world has gone to hell.  I never thought I’d see the day when it appeared as though an enemy would get so close to subjugating people like me to their desires, their lust for power and freedom to control.  Maybe it is getting so close because I was willing to turn off the television and let my mind move on instead of becoming an activist.  I guess I find activism, or activists, to be more specific, kind of revolting because of their mental inflexibility.  Most activists seem to think one way and have trouble getting some perspective and asking questions about what they believe.  They don’t like to do this because it requires a lot of thought.  It requires a person to get outside of their own biases and come to a conclusion, but that requires far too much effort and most people are mentally fat and lazy anyway so good luck getting them to break out of that cycle.

I just think this world has gone crazy and you look into people’s eyes and they don’t even know that they’re insane.  They have no clue that they’re nuts.  I don’t say that lightly.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  You ask a person if they believe that God created the universe and they say no.  But the same person can’t even begin to tell you how that universe operates.  Now how can you, a tiny dot on a tiny planet, tell me that there is no God when you don’t know much that exists beyond the tip of your nose?  It’s lunacy.

We run around acting like there aren’t any consequences for our actions.  We act like our desires are natural and the things that we fawn over are good.  Most of the time they aren’t.  And even if we do have good intentions it usually requires ripping some bit of property or freedom from a 3rd party that may not even be directly involved.  But so long as we’re happy and we have appeased our conscience what do we care if what we did was right or wrong.  It felt right so that must be all that matters.  It’s easy enough to accept if we can deny that there is no God.  Or that there are no moral codes that stand the test of time.

We live by the seat of our collective pants.  We play fast and loose with the rules so that we’re always trying to get one step closer dousing our own personal fire of desire.  But, as Aristotle once said, “It is the nature of desire to never be satisfied and most men only live for the gratification of it”.  We change the rules as we go because we are constantly trying to find new ways of scratching an itch and extinguishing it.  But the truth of the matter is that these desires do not disappear when we try to fulfill them.  We find that we just move on to a newer and greater desire that we believe will bring more fulfillment and satisfaction.

So what do we say then?  Should we just turn our heads from the problems of today?  Or should we be people of wisdom and prepare ourselves for the ramifications of the actions of others?  The bible says that only a fool sees trouble coming and does not prepare his/her self.  Or as F.A. Hayek once said in regard to intelligence; What separates an intelligent person from the average person is their ability to spot a pattern before others do and then they act accordingly to what they see.  Our duty is to try to anticipate what is going to happen next and prepare ourselves.

So what are the issues of today and what should we be doing about them?

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