The Confederate Flag

I am so very tired of hearing all of this politically correct talk about how southern states should not display the confederate flag because it is in poor taste and reminds people of the awfulness of slavery.  A lot of people are talking about southerners that proudly display the confederate flag saying that they are stupid, narrow minded bigots and say things like “southern whites have the shame of slavery running through their blood”.  They talk about how southern whites who display the flag are offensive and that the people should not have the state government display the flag above the state house because it’s so offensive.

To those people I would like to ask when the last time they, their parents, grand parents or great grandparents had to pick cotton against their will?  I have always been under the impression that slavery ended in the mid 1860’s.  I’m not going to get into liberal ideas such as institutional racism which can basically mean anything you want it to so long as it ends with white people being racist and owing blacks money and other perks as a result of their suffering.  That’s the ultimate end to those things anyway; what can you get from someone else without having to do anything for it.

Sometimes I think that people just want to be involved in something revolutionary for the sake of being revolutionary.  I feel pretty confident that if you look at the Facebook pages of the people that are so passionate about this issue with the flag that you will find that they were passionate about every major newsworthy event that has happened over the last few years.  Gays not getting pizza in Indiana?  Yep, outraged.  Pot being legalized in various states?  Yep, overjoyed cheering “we shall overcome”.  Illegal immigrants pouring across the border and being held in detention centers awaiting Obama’s next words on amnesty.  Dismayed and cursing the black heart of Americans.

I was always taught that being offended is the problem of the person who is offended.  I am progressively trying to learn how to not be offended.  I would recommend this for everyone else in the world as well.  Because honestly the confederate flag doesn’t mean white supremacy to most people that have it.  It’s a symbol of independence and southern heritage.  Get over it.  Stop being a weak minded pussy.  You should be more like me.  I started learning how to cope with things that bothered me when I became Cincinnati Bengals fan.  If I can get through that then I can get through anything.

Another thing I want to say is that it’s not fair for people to disparage southerners over slavery.  At the height of slavery only 6% of southern whites owned slaves.  That’s at the HEIGHT of slavery.  That means 94% of southerners had to pick their own damned cotton.  We won’t even talk about the 20% of freed blacks that owned slaves.  That stuff kills a narrative.

I think slavery is awful.  I think white supremacy is awful.  And I think bullying people with political correctness is awful.  I’m not afraid of what people think of me.  So that’s why I am just going to level with you.  This whole narrative about the confederate flag is nonsensical.  If you’re that sensitive then you probably have a lot more problems than a flag.


One thought on “The Confederate Flag

  1. Jim Gullett

    I left Facebook for reasons such as this. The news feed is chock full of politics from people trying to get reactions from others. I had enough.



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