Our Insane System

I remember when I was a young man….probably 18 or 19 years old going out to our local bowling alley and shooting pool several times a week.  It was a major (if not the major) hang out for young people at that time right around the year 2001 or so.  It was the southern Ohio place to be to find chicks, smoke weed, eat pills, drink beer, get some pizza and try to act cool.  It’s easy to see in retrospect that it was an incredible waste of time.

Back then we all had our own groups of friends and there were always a couple of people in the group that the followers would anoint as their tough guy and would often encourage them to get into fights or drag them into conflicts they had with other people.  I know because I got into a few altercations on the behalf of others more than once.

I remember one night at the bowling alley I got out of my car and realized that I was in the middle two groups who were squaring off to fight.  There were two big bruising looking dudes taking shirts off getting ready to throw down.  It didn’t take me long to realize that the fight wasn’t really between the two guys getting ready to fight, but rather it was between one of the guys getting ready to fight and a much smaller, mouthier guy who was standing behind his big nasty looking buddies.  When I say nasty, I mean they looked like they were the kind of guys that would eat a bag of screws for a snack.  They were big, mean and ugly.

This little guy talked the most trash you ever saw but he wasn’t going to fight his own fight.  I couldn’t believe it.  I still can’t really.  But anyway, the two big guys fought and it lasted for a minute or two and finally the little guy’s friend came out on top and won the fight.  There was a little blood and they were both exhausted.  The little guy was overjoyed that his friend won the fight.  He yelled, jeered and threatened the guy who he had the beef with.  I remember thinking how much it irked me that he was so much of a coward and a worm that he wouldn’t fight for himself.  Even if you think you can’t win a fight you still have to fight it; even if you have to change the conditions of the fight so that you give yourself a chance of winning.  It’s disgraceful to be a coward.

This is our society.

We live in a society where on any given issue there are usually two major sides.  Rather than fight our own battles we fight over who is going to control the strong men to fight our battles for us.  The strong men I am talking about are law enforcement officers and military personnel.  They are the ones that carry the guns and enforce the laws that the government creates.  If anybody opposes those laws it is then it is their duty to make you comply or imprison you.  And depending on your degree of resistance they will use their guns and their authority to kill you.

We fight over who is going to create the laws to have the strong men subjugate those that disagree with us.  Our society, our political system, is built upon creating a coalition of allies to force our will on those we disagree with.  I am frankly sick of it.

Weak minded worms are the ones who are looking for a way to have stronger men fight their battles for them.  I think it is about time that we started fighting our battles for ourselves.  I mean a perfect example is the recent article on Breitbart.com about a group of anti-government protesters who were having a flag burning in New York.  A group of veterans and bikers came to the rally with SQUIRT GUNS and the protesters scattered like cockroaches and actually asked for an armed escort from the very police that they were protesting against.  This is the liberal cockroach.  They are the young man in the parking lot at the bowling alley so many years ago.  They are the ones looking for the strong men to do their fighting for them.

When they know that nobody is going to hurt them because the strong men are there to protect them then they act disgracefully….just because they can.  But when their was a hint of uncertainty that other strong men weren’t going to stand for their pathetic bull**** then they scattered; begging the government to protect them.  I am fed up with it.

They have taken to our court system to use the strong man to elevate their position and give them the ability to subjugate those that don’t agree with them.  It’s coming.  A massive tidal wave of crap is coming.  They are going to use the force of government to try to cripple those that don’t agree with them.  It’s time for those of us who are strong as well to form our own coalition.  But the difference is that we will do our own fighting.  They want to take away our rights?  Tell them to come and get them.  We just have to have each other’s back.


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