Glory is something that most people want.  It’s something that we work hard to obtain.  I know that I personally dream of the moment I can bask in the glory of achievement.  Everyone of us has something we want to achieve or be great and we have an idea in our mind what it would be like to achieve this one thing.  There would be bitter sweetness to it no doubt but we can’t always put our finger on what this feeling would be like or what it is exactly.

In my mind…..glory is many things.  To me glory is a place.  Glory to me is the place where hard work and victory meet the spiritual.  To me it’s the place where we have a realization of what it feels like to be what God created us to be.  God made us to be winners.  But think about what happens when most people reach the top of the mountain.  They’re overwhelmed by the heaviness of the emotion that they break down weeping with tears of happiness.

Glory to me is when we get a little taste of what life is supposed to be like.  We live in a brutal world and it’s full of brutal people.  We sacrifice so much and we fight so hard to try to be victorious in this world.  When we reach that supernatural place we realize just how indescribably awesome the world God intended could be.  When we see where we came from and we look from the top of that mountain down to the valley we came out of we often find that we can’t see the bottom.  It’s being so far away from our problems we know that they can’t reach us.  We could die and that would be preferable to going back down.

But we do come back down from this place because our poor earthly bodies can’t handle being on the top of the mountain.  So we drift back down.  But when you experience glory know that if you love God you will have the promise of being there forever.  So you can fight and claw in this tough world but just remember that if you’re lucky enough to get a taste of glory that it’s just a very small down payment on perpetual glory.


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