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I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”  These were the immortal words of Mugatu from the movie Zoolander when he confronted Zoolander and the audience attending the fashion show over the fact that ever single “look” that Zoolander had was the same thing.  And today the “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills” sentiment is something I wholeheartedly understand.

Today I woke up and fired up my Commodore 64 and perused Yahoo! news (as I do every morning) to see what’s going on in our world today.  That’s when I happened on a title that said “Obama to Order Public Schools:  Allow Transgender Students Access Bathrooms”.  My head about blew off of my shoulders and I made the mistake of sharing the article to my page immediately and gave a very visceral message that if I found out a boy went to the restroom with my daughter I would kick their parent’s ass.  After a few minutes to cool down I removed and re-posted the article without the over the top emotional reaction.

But still this is like a trip to Crazy Town.

What in the world is wrong with people?  I just don’t get it.  I mean it’s one thing to argue that “transgender” people have the right to their own public restroom.  That’s a concession I might make, but to say that they should be able to go into a restroom with my daughter at school is another thing.  Why?  Well, by God I’m glad you asked.  Because the state compels me to send my children to school.  If I can’t afford to send them to a private school or have the time or ability to home school them then I am forced to send them to a public school because the government says that if I don’t I will be punished.  So you’re forcing me to send my kids to a place where now you’re putting them in a compromising position (allowing boys to go the restroom with girls) and there’s nothing that I can do about it.  As a parent this is the most egregious thing you can experience.  My life largely revolves around keeping my children safe.  Every decision I make, no matter what it is, has to check the box that says my kids will be safe.

This is something that we have to stand up against.  We have to bind together and speak with one voice.  We have to end the craziness.  You’re not alone.  You’re not a bigot or a monster because you don’t think this is healthy or admirable behavior.   The state should not be compelled to make us violate our conscience.  I could never in good conscience allow my kids to be put in danger.  I really don’t care what the opposition says.  That’s where I draw the line.


Free Schtuff

Today I was sitting at the computer and I fired up my itunes.  The first song on the list that caught my eye was “Big Rock Candy Mountain”.  It is this song that has lead me to write this little rant.  Don’t get me wrong I love this song but the whole song sums up what some people daydream a democratic utopia would look like.

In the song you basically have this old hobo traveling to a place where you don’t have to work for anything and “handouts grow on trees”.  Now granted I am well aware that democrats don’t believe that you’ll have food stamps growing on trees, but a progressive can’t dream can’t he?  In the song there is a line about how the box cars are all empty.  That got my attention because, even though I know his dream that the box cars are empty is because he likes the free, spacious travel.  But it’s a freaking train car.  It’s there because it carries goods that people need to survive. He’s got free stuff growing on trees and trickling down rocks so I guess he doesn’t need the train to actually be carrying anything.  This is just a silly song about a man dreaming of his paradise but it got me thinking.  Is there any such thing as free stuff?

Most democrats believe in “free healthcare”.  They believe in “free” food in the form of food stamps or ebt programs.  They believe in free education and free this and free that.  Since they believe in tons of free things it’s a pretty important thing to ask if there’s free stuff.  After all, if you operated as though your goals and actions would plausibly achieve a Utopian state and they unintentionally had negative side effects wouldn’t you want to know.  Or wouldn’t you think that it’s an important thing to think about?  Sure, I don’t think most people would argue that point.  But those who believe in free things will definitely wrangle about it and fight for it vigorously.

Well just to cut to the chase I will say that there are no free things.  I can prove it too.  With that magical thang us hillbillies call the “sciunse” (science).

Most of the things that we want or the things we use that we get from a store are called “finished goods” as opposed to commodities.  Finished goods are only slightly different from commodities.  Finished goods are more ordered than commodities, but commodities themselves are ordered, just in lower amounts.  When I say ordered I am talking about their structure and not their being requested by someone.  Commodities and finished goods are both in essence the same thing when they are stripped down to their bare components.

Now, in physics there is a principle called the “Law of Conservation” or the “Law of the Conservation of Energy”.  It says that energy cannot be created or destroyed it merely changes forms.  Why am I saying this?  Well it’s important to know this to make some of my other points.  According to Einstein in the “Theory of Relativity” he makes a statement about all matter in the universe.  He does it in his famous formula e=mc².  It basically means that light and matter are the same thing when they are traveling at the speed of light.  All things are made of energy and everything is related to everything else.

Another law in physics is the “Law of Motion”  or inertia.  Newton discovered this principle and it describes objects in space.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by and outside force.  Also, an object at rest will tend stay at rest unless acted upon by and outside force.  Why did I bring these things up?

A finished good is the same as anything else in the universe.  It takes energy to do something.  It doesn’t come from magic.  It requires energy to divert energy into taking a commodity or multiple commodities into finished goods.  It requires energy to get higher ordered matter or “organized energy” if you like.  Objects at rest don’t do anything.  They stay at rest.  Objects at rest that go into motion are put into motion by other objects with working energy.

The idea of free stuff is idiotic because it requires a price to be paid to produce the things.  The price is more energy and resources.  The price is energy in motion.  People who believe in free stuff just aren’t living in the same universe that I am.